Sunday, 13 March 2011

Diving Solar

The 12th we dived the Solar site, name is due to the solar power plant next to it. It was just a few miles more south from the Fish Soup.

Pretty much the same as the previous dive at Fish Soup, there is a lot of fish here but the corals are not that spectacular as in Maldives due to bad bleaching some time ago. I could see signs though that the corals are slowly recovering but it is slow growing.

There is also a lot of Napoleon Maori Wrasse among many other species but they are quite camera shy, so it is hard to catch them on the lens.

I let the pictures speak for themselves again:


Aliens are here


Black pyramid butterflyfish

Dash-dot goatfish in front

Like moon landscape

...more moon coral...


Sea star

Threadfin butterflyfish

Tuna (?)

The big one is a parrot fish

Masked bannerfish

Black pyramid butterflyfish on right

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