Friday, 10 February 2017


I was surfing the net and came across a site called Seatalk, It is a wonderful tool for those not so proficient in the english language wanting to get more familiar with seafaring terminology. Best of all it is free for anyone to use. I suggest to go to the FAQ section first or clicking the "how to use" video, as the website is not very straightforward to use.  Below is the excerpt from their homepage.

What is SeaTALK?

SeaTALK presents a unique online platform for Maritime English resources! The platform provides a Maritime English syllabus with materials within a framework of STCW competences, CEFR levels and the ECVET system.
The SeaTALK platform offers Maritime English Training Modules for each rank and function on board:
  • Deck Ratings (Support Level) 
  • Engineering Ratings (Support Level) 
  • Deck Officers (Operational Level) 
  • Engineering Officers (Operational Level) 
  • Electro Technical Officers (Operational Level) 
  • Senior Deck Officers (Management Level) 
  • Senior Engineering Officers (Management Level) 

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