Friday, 2 March 2012

Diving Maagiri caves

As the previous day we had missed the caves we decided to make another attempt, this time we would start on the Eastern tip of the reef and go along the northern edge in 15m depth to make sure we don't miss it. As soon as we went in I spotted a Napoleon Wrasse but it quickly made itself scarce in face of the intruders. We drifted along the wall and about halfway we hit the jackpot. There was a big cave with sort of a canyon in between from broken off rock. As soon as I entered the cave I saw a white tip shark scuttle away and several big groupers. I managed to corner one at the farthest end in the cave so I could get some decent shots but it was just showing me his tail side, oh well. The caves were magnificent diving and a lot of big groupers and other fish abound.

BA chart 3323, inset

Napoleon Maori Wrasse

Honeycomb moray




Honeycomb moray, say "aaah"...

What do you mean "rent"?


Orange-fin emperor

White-tip reef shark

School of fish holding off against the current at the mouth of the cave

Indian parrotfish

White-spotted grouper

Black-spotted pufferfish

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