Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Diving Lion's head

BA chart 3323

The day was calm and sunny so we ventured South again towards Thilafushi Island where all the rubbish handling in Maldives is done. There is also a number of industries there such as 3 shipyards a cement factory, fuel storage and other various workshops.


Mushroom leather coral

As we were passing South of Thilafushi and going West along the shoreline we passed several open fires where rubbish was burnt. I guess the same style was in force since I was first time in Maldives in 2007, no incentive to burn in an incinerator when the smoke disperses so fast.

Black-spotted pufferfish

Sleek unicornfish

Anyway, we stopped short of passing Thilafushi and geared up to go explore Lions Head dive site. It is also a designated fish protection area. The current was slightly flowing East and off we went. We came to the first overhang at 12m depth and after that we encountered several at 15-22m. Can't say which one was the Lion's Head but the scenery was nice. I saw a shark far away but he was quick to disappear once he sensed humans about. Met also 2-3 turtles of which one was entangled in rope and we successfully freed him. The more East we went the more there was particles in the water and on the corals.

Black-and-white snapper

Spotfin squirrelfish

Gorgonian fan coral

Dubey at Lions head

Two-tone dartfish

Clark's anemonefosh

Indian bannerfish

Madagascar butterflyfish

Giant clam

Black Pyramid butterflyfish

School of Captain parrotfish (?)

Blue-faced angelfish

Blotched porcupine fish

Masked bannerfish

Varicose wart slug

Yellowmargin moray

Solander's sharpnose puffer

Black-spotted pufferfish


Entangled turtle that we freed


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