Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Diving Club Med corner

My deckhand Pardeep had not been here and we decided to revisit this site. This time though we swam South instead of inside the atoll so we started near the corner. We weren't disappointed, met with Napoleon Wrasse & turtles plus the host of the small fish in the coral garden. I must have seen the biggest grouper ever in my life when I peeked under a rock formation, it sat there for awhile until it noticed it was observed and then it hid better out of sight. I managed to get a picture but it is obscured by the soldierfish, if you look closely you can see the eyes and mouth in the dark background...

BA chart 3323, inset

Yellowback fusilier 

Collared butterflyfish & Shadowfin soldierfish

Oriental sweetlips

Imperial angelfish

Lined surgeonfish

Shadowfin soldierfish

Moorish idol

Soldierfish, note the grouper in the background

Yellowhead butterflyfish, Powder-blue surgeonfish, Black pyramid butterflyfish

Regal angelfish

Seacucumber, Tiger cardinalfish, Moorish Idol & Soldierfish

Sailfin tang, Bullethead parrotfish (?)

Blacktip grouper

Gold striped emperor and a lonely Kashmir snapper

Orangefin emperor


Titan triggerfish

White-spotted grouper

Fish at table coral

Neon fusiliers

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