Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Diving Black coral reef

Went to the Feydhoo Finolhu where there is according to the Tim Godfrey "Dive Maldives" guide the Black Coral reef. Black coral is semi precious and used for jewellery. Weather was excellent and we went to the Island and discovered there is a resort nowadays so we plonked in the drink a bit west of their entrance and swam west. The reef is a vertical wall, not so much coral there but the wall looks more "rocky" like on the outside of an atoll. Saw nothing spectacular except the normal pelagics and we surfaced at the Western end where there is a wreck in the middle on the reef.

BA chart 3323, inset


Clarks anemonefish

Yellow boxfish


Orange-striped triggerfish

Black-saddle coralgrouper

Moray eel


Circular batfish

Duskyfin rock cod

Clown triggerfish

Kashmir snapper

Soldierfish (?)

Oriental sweetlips


Maldives anemonefish

Titan triggerfish

The wreck on the reef

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