Friday, 8 July 2011

Castellammare di Stabia - Valletta

On the 7th early morning we hoisted anchor and set course for Valletta, Malta for a little downtime. More maintenance and jobs to be done as usual. My old Bosun once said: "the work is never completed on a ship" and he was right to his words, once you get to one end you can start anew from the other.

Last view of Capri 

Our route took us by Capri Island down South along the Italian boot in the Tyrrhenian Sea and through the Strait of Messina. We pass there during night time and there is a small "S" curve to do at the narrowest point. The whole Strait is VTS controlled and separated by a TSS so there is very little cowboys mixing the pack so to speak. However when we round the"S" we encounter some weird currents and we have to keep a close look at the autopilot lest it would lose the plot.

View over Valletta

After the Strait we are already in the Ionian Sea, we sail around around the boot, Sicily, and there we were at Malta. The ancient massive fortifications of Malta are still impressive to look at. We make the approach towards Manoel Island and it always looks to me like we are sailing into solid bedrock until the channel opening is discerned and one can see that there is more to it than the wall. This time though we make a compass swing before we enter.

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