Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Diving Havodigalaa pinnacle

On the 3rd we are diving a pinnacle between the Tinadhoo and Havodigalaa Island. It is a very easy dive and has awesome coral formations along the drop offs. Suddenly we come across a resting leopard shark. Eventually he swims off, maybe disturbed by so many visitors. According to our local dive guide, Mr. Mohamed Siraj, the shark is extremely rare in this area of Maldives.

Huge 2m diameter table coral, all intact

Finding Nemo

The leopard shark

Giant clam

Afterwards guests head out to Havodigalaa Island for some day BBQ and fun n the sun. I go ashore as well and walk around the Island to see what it got to offer. The Island itself is a nature reserve for breeding birds with a few buildings with Bengali residents that I assume are some kind of caretakers. While walking around I can see only chickens on the Island, maybe it is not nesting time for the local wild birds. The beaches look pristine but only one glimpse under the surrounding mangroves shows the staggering amount of rubbish that has washed ashore: empty plastic bottles, discarded slippers and other floating debris. Ah, the cost of civilization…

Nina on Havodigalaa


Once back onboard and dusk coming upon us some guests went on a fishing dhoni for night fishing and this time they got a decent catch and returning at 2am back onboard.

Havodigalaa postcard views
Coconut palm avenue
More Beach...

On the 4th Half of the Guests disembark for home and the rest of the group goes to Tinadhoo Island for sightseeing the rural conditions. Upon return 1730hrs we heave up anchor and start towards our next destination: Ari atoll.

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