Monday, 3 January 2011

Addoo atoll

29th Guests arrives. Weather is dead calm as all piloting manuals suggest Crew is onboard prepared as usual.

Hankede Beach mangroves

Hankede Beach

30th Check Hankede Island for the beach setup to have sundowners and BBQ. The area has been intended to build a resort by a local entrepreneur but is still pending litigation. Icey’s people built up a lovely setup with a path lined with flaming coconuts for the guests to follow to the beach. I was lucky enough to not get hit by the local squall that pelted everyone at the beach and soaked all crew there. Luckily the rain had passed when the Guests arrived so they enjoyed a thoroughly good night of BBQ.

Maldivian cargo dhoni, they can take a 20' container on aft deck

IE in the distance from Mulikolhu Island

After a passed thunder squall, Luke with rainbow in back ground

31st we are marking the channel to Mulikolhu Island. Me, Luke and Ty end tape reflective tape on empty canisters and up tye them to coral reefs at hazardous points. Same time we see awesome sea life with drop offs going deeper. The weather is not in our favor and the night time BBQ is cancelled. We get the crew safely back onboard although many of our buoys had disappeared with the high waves and passing thunder squalls. New Year is celebrated onboard with a hurried glass of champagne on the port main deck companionway.

Approaching thunder squalls

The "Director's" table

1st We are still anchored off Mulikolhu Island and guests takes advantage of the sun and plays on the Island. The wind is persisting and blowing freshly from NW. I was on the Island when darkness fell and I saw all the hundreds of hermit crabs emerging from the mangrove bushes to wander about the beach. The biggest specimens I came about were the size of a mans fist. In the evening some Guests go for night fishing but returned without booty.

Happy New Year

Neptune and his minions in full swing

2nd We weigh anchor early morning at 6am and set our course for Huvadhoo atoll just north of us. During the passage we cross the equator northbound and again Neptune boarded us to initiate them in to the Mysteries of the Deep. The proceedings went well with each participant sealing their worthiness to enter the northern hemisphere with a Bloody Mary shot.

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