Monday, 2 August 2010

Captain's blog July 2010

July has gone my vacation is over and I am back at work for a year or so to come. Well, those who are not famliar with the Mumbai weather I can tell you it is n the middle of the rain season and it rains a lot in Mumbai. It also winds a lot and at times we get over 1m waves here behind Elephanta when it really blows.

Torrential rain at Cuffe Parade
We're tendering to Belapur jetty, it is a 4nm trip so in order to economize a bit we have scheduled trips morning & evening with our own tender. Most of the times it is wet ride either due to the rain pouring down the sky or the sea being so rough. At Belapur it is a quagmire of mud and sand so every night we lift up the tender and wash it off.
Butterfly on door frame in Mandwa

Now I have also other duties on my head - to take care of the Owners other yachts in Mumbai and Goa. There are 3 of 15-20m yachts and a dozen or so RIB's and Boston Whalers to look after in Mumbai only. I have spent hours rooting around them inspecting deficiencies and things to do. Meetings down at Nariman Point, accounting procedures, quotes to be queried, prices to be found out, suppliers, service providers, schedules, materials, spares, engine overhauls, electrical works, interior refurbishment, tank cleaning, carpentry, topside painting, antifouling, glassfibre works ... the list is getting longer by the hour and I'm not mentioning the works for Kalizma.

Our runaway boat
Then it did not make the list shorter that a couple of the yachts had a bit of ground touching involving broken props and drive shafts, broken gimbal bearing housings. Actually on the 21st we had a SAR for a RIB that had broken it's moorings and blown off. We found the boat off the power plant on a rocky beach with the tube broken and probably the hull too.

Path to the Mandwa beach

On 20th after a long meeting I met Avnish in Mumbai and had lunch at Gokul's resturant with him and Saini.
Mandwa beach

On 24th Sunil departed for UK and France to do his Y4 & Y3 tickets and in France to get some training in Cigarette boat maintenance. Owner intends to have the CIgarette boat stationed in Mumbai. The boat is 50 feet long with 2750 HP engines and does 100 knots. FYI, Kalizma has barely 900 HP. That'll be fun to look after.

Mandwa beach
On the 31st I was invited to go and spend the weekend at Avnish place in Mandwa, it was great relaxation in the country side chatting with Avnish and his mother Onita who was visiting from Goa. There was not much else to do as the rain was sleeting down quite heavily for most of the time. There was about an hours pause in the barrage and I managed to go for a short walk to the beach.


1st August I was back onboard again preparing for another hectic week orchestrating the big boat symphony. Until next month.

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