Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Thiruparappu Falls

After the aqueduct the driver took us deeper into the Tamil Nadu foothills through some very narrow and curvy roads with the gas pedal floored. I told Richard to ask the driver whether he had considered trying for a drivers job at Force India. I think we made record time and we arrived intact and parked at the Thiruparappu falls.

Thiruparappu Falls

Bathing attire was strictly defined

As in other places, here also were vendors in full fling announcing their wares and products. It must be noted that in Tamil Nadu all plastic bags had been banned so whatever you bought it came wrapped in news paper or textile carry bags. A very commendable decree and excellent example for rest of the world, especially rest of India and all SE Asian nations.

Upper part of the Falls

The falls itself were located down a small slope and the falls were tumbling down noisily. The water cascade was quite high and water spray came several meters off. Very cooling indeed in the hot weather in Tamil Nadu. We did not go for a swim as the water did not look too inviting.

Bird at upper part

We walked up the slope and took off to see the upper side of the fall which had long trails were people could walk and enjoy the nature. I even saw a Kingfisher bird take off. Soon enough we realized it is late afternoon and felt the hunger pangs gathering so we got into the car and headed back to Nagercoil.

Carved cobra going after a frog

In Nagercoil we went from trying a couple of restaurants and ended up in Varas restaurant hotel that is supposed to be the hi-so joint in town. Maybe so but the toilets were in a filthy condition although the food was good and view excellent. We then headed back to the hotel and went off for a walk to see for shoes for Jira.

View from Varas Hotel

View from Varas Hotel

Eventually we found shoes for Jira and then she wanted to see some frocks but eventually it was me that ended up buying a few shirts and shorts.

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