Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sightseeing Malta

As it was Saturday I go out to meet my friend Diaz in Valletta at the Triton fountain, the meeting is happy and we had lunch in the Old city while catching up. I ate a Maltese dish that was rabbit stew. Although the restaurant was impressive with 15m high rooms I think the food left much wanting.

One of the many staircases in Malta

Msida church

Saint on top of church

The Triton fountain in Valletta

After lunch Diaz took me to see the Tarxien temples nearby (outside of Valletta though). The temple is a prehistoric ruin dating back 2800BC. It was not much than just stones and rubble but I was impressed how the stone walls had lasted so long thorough time and all kind of upheaval. I also tried to visit two other venues but one was closed for visitors and the other required pre-booking about a month in advance due to queues. 

Tarxien temple, in those days they apparently believed in feeding their women

Tarxien temple

Tarxien temple

Tarxien temple, well

Malta is also a place for old cars...

This site was closed to the public but I managed to have a peek

As I was done with my cultural education for this day we headed for Marsascala where Jasmond, Diaz husband, was at the time and I had a few beers while chatting and soon we headed back and I was dropped off at the Marina with an invitation for a beach BBQ the next day. 

Maltese flora

Maltese flora

In the evening I have dinner with Anil as it was his birthday and we celebrate it with all Indian crew at the Taj Mahal restaurant in Gzira. After dinner I head with Nick for Muddy Waters in Sliema to listen to some good music and a few drinks.

Birthday dinner with Anil & Co

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