Wednesday, 2 June 2010

In Munksnäs

Next day more or less the same, breakfast and so on. I found out my bro has a Wii game so I got to try out this gadget as well. I packed my stuff and started orientating myself to Munkkiniemi where my uncle Bengt lives. 

Helsingfors Domkyrka/ Helsingin Tuomiokirkko (church)

It was fairly easy with the help of and my handheld GPS. Once off the tram I had though a bit of complications getting a decent heading of where to go but after a 360 degrees loop I was on the right track. 

After a few hundred meters towing my luggage I was at my Uncle's apartment and rang the door. I was met by my Uncle Bengt and he offered me a bottle of Karjala beer, one of the best in my opinion. In fact I had not met Bengt in over 12 years or more as I had been away working so much. It was not difficult to find subjects to talk about. 

In the course of the afternoon Bengt suggested I ride with him to Nagu the next day and from there make my way to Åbo, my home town where my parents still stay. I agreed and so the discussion went on. 

Cherry blossoms in Munksnäs

At some time Niklas also came by but only stayed a short while as he had a house board meeting to attend to in the evening. For dinner Bengt treated me at the Munksnäs Grill which was rather a fancy restaurant. After dinner we headed back to the apartment and after some more talk we hit the sack. 

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