Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Vardenchi motorcycles

After having gone to our meeting at RINA offices with Mr. Mishra, Mr Devadas and Bob Pinto re: our commercial yacht certification for Kalizma. Bob asked if I would be interested to do a small detour before going back to Gateway. He promised it would make both me and Mishra to feel young again. I replied "why not" and off we went towards Jogeshwar.

Batman inspired bike

At Jogeshwar we were met by Mr. Akshai Varde who is the CEO for the Vardenchi brand motorbikes. He is building custom made Royal Enfields out of 350cc or 500cc brand new motorbikes. Mostly it is 350cc as the waiting time for the bigger engine is about 2 mths. For customizing the Enfield, Vardenchi takes abt 2 mths depending how much special features are wanted.

Bob Pinto contemplating riding down Marine Drive

The bike comes registered as an Enfield and is good for 15yrs on Indian roads and licensed in 3 states. Those wondering what a Royal Enfield is can see more here.

Mr. Akshai Varde and his Stealth model

Mr. Akshai said he has up to date exported one motorbike to France and is looking forward to more customers  from abroad. Currently he has capacity to comfortably build 50 bikes per annum.

Enjoy the sound of the Vardenchi Stealth cycle

When I saw the workshop I came to think about the TV series about the eccentric Bangladeshi, Mr. Lipu and his UK mechanic who are building custom cars in Bangladesh but in the end, only the word "custom" is common here.

The workshop is small but efficient and the way Mr. Akshai presents his ideas gives a very positive outlook on this growing enterprise. He is already planning for the future with further ideas.

Those interested can see more here


Vardenchi said...

I hope you can ride one soon. Please do visit vardenchi again.

CyberCaptain said...

Only time will tell, I'd love to ride one up and down Marine Drive ;)

Lydia said...

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CyberCaptain said...

Thanks Lydia :)

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