Saturday, 22 May 2010

Cdr Dilip Donde arrives Mumbai

S/y Mhadei

Yesterday while I was doing some office work in my cabin I wondered what sort of close quarters situations the pilots of Mumbai are getting into today as I heard frequently loud whistle blowing. As it did not concern me I did not give it any second thought and continued my work.

Navy frigate, Helicopter, Mhadei & Offshore vessel

Today I was called by Dubey to come out and watch the escort of Indian Navy Commander Dilip Donde as he was arriving from his solo circumnavigation of the world, voyage distance abt 42000km. The first Indian to ever accomplish this feat.

The civilian local sailors join the escort

And what an escort he had, one big frigate, helicopters and 2 offshore vessels with their fire fighting cannons going on full spray while all vessels were sounding their horns. At the Sunk Rock a big fleet of the local sailing boats were waiting and while the Mhadei was passing they all joined the cavalcade. The procession went past us and continued into the Navy base by the Ballard estate. Commander Donde's almost one year voyage had come to an end. Well done!

Almost passing Middle Ground

Now the Indians have gone around the world, next stop is the moon?

The escort and horn blowing for s/y Mhadei

Those who want to read more about Cdr Donde's voyage can go here


seaferns said...

really nice blog, Cap'n. even though i have lived in mumbai for all my 34 years, seeing parts of my own city and country through your eyes give me a different perspective. also very interesting to get an insider's view on life afloat and the ins and outs of your wonderful ship.

CyberCaptain said...

See the article in Times of India about the arrival of Cdr Dilip Donde:

CyberCaptain said...

@ seaferns: Thank you for your kind comment :)