Saturday, 1 May 2010

Captain's blog April 2010

As you may have read we have been traveling for most of April and are now relocated from Thailand to India.
Gateway of India

It is purported that we will stay for the rainseason in India and work on our commercial yacht certification which eventually will not keep us busy until the end of this year. As to where we will stay this period is still not confirmed we are looking into Victoria Docks, Dhabol and Jaigarh.
In Mumbai unfortunately the Victoria docks are being filled up to make way for a container terminal and losing it's colonial heritage. This being the situation and the only safe place where to stay during the monsoon it leaves not much options but to look for berths outside of Mumbai (Dhabol & Jaigarh). I'm going to check out these ports in the near future.

As for crew changes I sent Saini for vacation but had to recall him for the transit and now he is back again enjoying his off time. Vivek signed off to pursue his tanker career and I wish him all the best in his endeavours. Kalpana joined us after her annual vacation in Mumbai, that must have been such a relief for her considering how seasick she gets.
Talking about seasickness, Asen found her sealegs, she was only sick for a day and then there was no more throwing up and lying about like a dead sardine.

Richard has started taking French lessons as it is anticipated that he will be transferred to France in the near future. C'est la vie...
We arrived Mumbai the 21st and arrangements started to setup the yacht for Owner's use. Satellite TV subscriptions had to be re activated, flower arrangements, stock up of refreshments and provisions, wash down, brass polishing.... the list went on and on as usual.

I went with Richard to Crawford and Colaba to find the things we needed for our guests.

Richard coming out from Crawford Market

Lintel at Crawford Market

Butcher shop in Colaba, prolly only place to get decent pork

Gokul restaurant - great veg & non veg wraps as take away

Then finally on the 24th midnight we got the Owner onboard after the Royal Challengers won 3rd place in the IPL. 

Next days went getting quotes for various jobs, annual safety inspections and certifications has to be renewed. Also the interior requires some more sprucing up. Same time we brainstormed a letter for the MCA regarding our commercial certification. Like they say, the job never ends on a boat.

Mumbai itself looks like it did a year ago, some buildings have been restored and other are under restoration. The black and yellow Premier taxis still roam the streets but definitely there is a reduction in numbers as the government is allowing other cars also being used as taxis now.

No doubt the Pinocchio of India

Mumbai roads & architecture

One evening I was out on town I saw a peculiar procession of guys with fish hooks through their back pulling four wheeled carts and with 2-3m metal rods stuck through their chins. I was later told it was a Chaitra Navratri (similar to Thaipusam) hindu celebration (ninth day after the hindu new year often the first new moon of the new year).

Chaitra Navrati believers

My annual is also coming up and I am waiting for Avnish to come and relieve me for a month of R & R. Until then...


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