Saturday, 3 April 2010

Hashing with LBHHH (run 433)

As we were again in Langkawi we were asked to join the hash once again to which we replied positively. Friday went working in expecting the fun in the evening and at 5pm we loaded ourselves in the car and left for the laager.

All fresh to run

Once there we paid our dues and waited for the remaining hashers to turn up and and for the run brief by the hares. Not too much ater 6pm the run was off and the pack went looking for the trail like a mob of wolves.

View from the top of the mountain

At first we went on level ground but soon enough we were climbing up a steep hill that was not have supposed to be there. Then we went crashing through rubber plantations looking for the trail and ended up coasting down the hillside in zig-zag fashion.

The run lasted a good 45 minutes and really wrung the juices out of us. I arrived somewhere in the middle and joined the other runners with a 100+ to replenish some water I'd lost.

Sharma and Dubey enjoying the Easter prize of found eggs on the trail

After awhile we realized Richard and Vanessa were lost and they called saying they were somewhere on the main road. I guess they took the wrong shortcut. Eventually Brendan went looking for them and brought them back by motor vehicle.

Rainbow at the circle

Then the end circle could get started and people were punished for various hashing offences committed or just imagined, who cared anyway?

The hash nosh-up was designated at the Cocomo's near the airport where we were treated to a very delicious buffet table.

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