Saturday, 3 April 2010

Captain's blog March 2010

So, once again we were back in Phuket and we had stuff to do as usual. Carpenters were called and works started on our foremast to embed the new radar cable into it. We also had some wood rot that needed taking care of.

Lightning storm in Malacca Strait

Our familiar s/s man, Mr. Chatchai was also called to finish the awning work on the bridge deck as well as a few other minor jobs.

New awning frame being fabricated

And so went the month of March, in the end we were only 6 crew onboard as Saini and Kalpana went for their annual vacation. Vivek left for pursuing his tanker career and Sunil returned from frigid UK where he had been working towards his Y4 ticket.

Other than that we did not do much in way of sightseeing, Richard had his birthday and we celebrated that with cake and all.

Happy Birthday Richard

I also realized one is never too old to learn of new tricks in cheating people. I was having dinner in Kansas Saloon in Krabi and was served "Heineken" and charged for it when it definitely tasted like Leo (el cheapo beer in Thailand). TIT (This is Thailand). The Restaurant Manager swore they only got Heineken on the premises, oh well...

Dawn in Langkawi

On the 14th we watched the opening of the F1 season at the Haven restaurant. Surprisingly Liuzzi brought a point home for the Force India team.

I was also busy renewing my passport and zipping up and down to Bangkok. I also had a lot of Immigration stuff to take care of with all the crewchanges. Paperwork, paperwork...

People on the move

Then 29th check out procedures and on the 30th we left for Langkawi. We went slowly on economic speed, visited Pulau Perak and 1st April made fast in RLYC marina. On our way to Langkawi we had a marvelous nature display of lightning storm that went on the whole night. Huge horizontal lightnings zapped over our heads continuously.


In Langkawi I'm getting back my serviced ice machine and doing some service to the A/C plant by our trusted  refrigeration man, Michael from IMEAC engineering.

Then at the time of writing this I got orders to sail for India so now I am waiting for Saini to come back so we could leave for our next mission.

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