Thursday, 18 March 2010

Huai Yod talent contest

While in Trang I was given opportunity to come and watch a talent contest at Huai Yod school. These kind of events are very common in Thailand and are often arranged by schools, monasteries & other entities in order to raise funds for various causes. The contestants are sponsored by various means as well and the event usually has also a wide variety of stalls selling food and other knick knacks. It always gives a feeling of being in a sort of mini Carnival and people are lining up from everywhere.

Ningnong Show

This time the team sponsored by the Ton Rak wedding studio won 2nd place, mostly, as deemed by the judges, due to the singers weak voice that faded away at times and could not keep the high notes.Anyway, as it was the troupes 1st performance ever it gave them the confidence for further endeavours in this field, only they need to find a better singer for next time...

Slow dance & song

Fast dance & song

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