Monday, 1 March 2010

Diving Ko Rawi

Our time was up once again and Saini's visa expired so we had to leave Malaysia for Phuket. We left late on the 27th in the afternoon as Chan was tweaking our new CCTV and radar installation and we still had some stuff to pick up before departure. Once on our way we steamed towards the Butangs for night anchorage. We arrived just with the last rays of the sun and anchored just south of Ko Rawi.

Morning in Ko Rawi

During the sailing the boys had setup our dive gear and as we stopped engines we lowered the tenderboat for a night dive. From our last visit we knew that south of the Rawi Island was great corals to be seen we plopped in the drink armed with our new underwater flashes. At first we did some test flashing at he surface and when we were satisfied that all was working well we went down, me, Saini and Dubey. At first we encountered strong current against us but as we swam closer to the Island the current subsided as we reached the coral heads.

We were photographing anything that was worth a pic, but then my flash started acting all strange, at forst the flashes came long after the picture was taken and soon enough it stopped working altogether. Saini's flash was working alright and he was shooting away like a lightning thunderstorm. The corals we saw were very nice but the fishlife was very scarce for some reason (maybe all fish were sleeping).

Soon enough it was time to surface as we had exhausted our airtanks and back onboard we went. I discovered my flash flooded by brown freshwater, so I guess the batteries had warmed up during the last few days and accumulated condesation inside, the color of the water was from rust. Needless to say I will take out any batteries from my underwater gear when not in use.

Dubey had kicked a sea urchin while diving and he counted abt 17 pinpricks on his leg, he spent rest of the evening soaking his leg in vinegar.

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