Thursday, 30 April 2009

One Year onboard Kalizma

Today is the 30th April and if you have been reading my posts you realize that I have been onboard Kalizma continuously for one year.

Richard & Jira in front of the Buffalo Park

Usually I have been earlier only been doing 6-7 mths turns onboard, sometimes due to length of contract other times due to force majeure.

Anyway, the cycle is the same, every 3-4 months you go down on your mood and hardly feel like doing anything, this I call the process of being institutionalised. When you get over the feeling that you need to go somewhere and accept he inevitable that you gotta do some work too, the load lightens on your shoulder and you can live another day.

Although Kalizma have not been used that actively by her Owner I sure have been happy keeping her running. All kind of Engineering problems has been solved during the past year and hopefully this year will be a bit quieter.

I have to look forward for a drydock again and after that we will hopefully be a commercially certified yacht.

My vacation is kicking in sometimes in June and I will be relieved by Avnish, it'll be good to sit back and really relax, not needing to wake up in the morning and think about running the ship.

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