Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Captain's blog - voy Phuket - Langkawi - Phuket

Visa voyage

Departure 29/05/2008 at 0600hrs ship left Yacht Haven Marina in good weather. The sea was calm as can be, only some wind ripples could be seen. Upon leaving the channel and reaching open seas we experienced a gentle swell coming in from the Indian Ocean. However as we progressed on our voyage it became apparent that prevailing wind and current from Malacca Strait were against us. We passed Phi Phi Island on the east about 1000hrs and turned more south for a straight course to Langkawi Island. The wind became somewhat stronger and the swell more pronounced, but still the weather was fine, sunshine at times overcast the next, in the afternoon we even got a few showers. At 1800hrs we were already approaching Langkawi but night was setting and we entered the Kuah channel in darkness, at 2200hrs we dropped anchor in the General purpose anchorage outside the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.

M/y Kalizma @ RLYC

30/05/2008 We woke up to a sunny day and about 0930hrs we heaved up anchor and we shifted alongside to the marina in front of a passing rain shower that made a magnificent rainbow display. In the marina I was met by the ships agent, Mr. John Orr, and we went through the official bureaucracy of clearing the ship. The crew was invited by John for drinks in the yacht club the same evening. At 1730hrs I was in the club meeting local expats, a psychologist, a ret. Hong Kong police inspector, an artist, a ret. business man and so on. The beer was good and cold and we had a few nice pints before I was invited to have dinner at the “small Hat Yai” as they call the local Thai community settlement. I had some lovely Thai food at Doug’s restaurant and after that we went for some more refreshments at the Cakra CafĂ©.

Langkawi archipelago

31/05/2008 After completing daily routines we launched the tender and went exploring the channel between Pulau Tuba and Pulau Dayang Bunting. The sun was shining unobstructed and the vistas were very picturesque with mangroves in front of rippling greenery up the Island slopes. The river between the Island was quite shallow but we had no mishaps, bare limestone cliffs offered a splendid scenery. Once through the channel we explored the Lima Islands nearby and found a big cave where one could hear bats screeching. After seeing what was to be seen we headed back to the marina north of Pulau Tuba. For the evening I had invited the ships agent with a few friends of his onboard to have some Kingfisher beer. We met at 1730hrs and chatted for a few hours while enjoying Kingfisher together with some nibbles served by Chief Stewardess Jyothi. At 2000hrs it was time for dinner again and as a person of habit I went to Doug’s restaurant in little Hat Yai.

M/s Lili Marleen, a local Langkawi based ship

01/06/2008 Was Sunday and the whole crew rested or went sightseeing Kuah town which actually do not offer that much for the tourist, all resorts and venues are mostly found on the west and east coasts.

Pulau Tuba

02/06/2008 We woke up to a rainy morning and at 0930hrs we cast off from the Royal Yacht Marina at 0930hrs. Eventually I experienced some difficulties getting off the pier due to rising tide. Finally ship managed to maneuver free and subsequently anchored at the GP anchorage in order to refuel. When refueling was completed at 1330hrs Kalizma departed Malaysian waters for Phuket accompanied by gentle rain showers. We sailed straight north following the coast and after nightfall at midnight we dropped anchor off Phi Phi Island.

Pulau Tuba

Lime cliff formations

03/06/2008 We woke up to a lovely and dead calm morning, hoisted anchor and steamed for Yacht Haven Marina at 0730hrs in order to arrive at noon high tide. Our approach was uneventful and we tied up in normal fashion. All and all it was an enjoyable trip but it is nice to be back in Phuket again.

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