Monday, 3 February 2003

Work experience

30.01.2003 - 03.02.2003
M/v Columbus Caravelle

As I was looking for a new job I was contacted by the new Owner of CC, the Technical Manager Alan Lowry from CMM Ltd. asking if I would like to follow the new Owner's to Greece. He said my knowledge of the ship would be important for the project they were planning for CC, she was going to be converted from cruise ship to mega yacht. As I knew the ship and the idea of being part of a conversion was exciting, I agreed. Not that I had anything else at hand.

M/v Columbus Caravelle alongside Gaoyanglu wharf, Shanghai
(photo collage)

To begin with I flew to Hong Kong where CC was and boarded her in a consulting capacity to Alan Lowry so as to know what was ships property and what was not. I also confirmed which crew was to follow us to Greece.

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