Sunday, 4 March 2012

Diving off Hulhule

As we were running out of dive sites close by we decided to give Hulhule a go even-though Tim Godfrey had awarded the site only one star in his guide book. Off we went a bit NE of the entrance to the atoll and headed south. There was no current to mention about but I could feel the wave surge down to 20m. The surroundings were rocky and I could see a lot of groupers hiding under the formations. We swam along and just about when we were about to ascend as we were down on air to 50bars I saw something in the distance. After a few seconds a school of Humphead parrotfish appeared with some ten fish in the school. These huge fish were very shy and did not come close, I managed to get off a few shots but then we had to go up. Definitely the highlight of the dive.

BA chart 3323, inset


Shadowfin soldierfish

Schooling Gold-stripe emperorfish

Yellow trumpetfish

Clark's anemonefish

Maldives anemonefish

Orange-striped triggerfish

White-spotted grouper

White-spotted grouper

Slender sweeper

Vanikoro sweeper

Collared butterflyfish

Four-saddle grouper

Humphead parrotfish

Humphead parrotfish

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