Thursday, 1 March 2012

Diving Maagiri caves

This time we decided to go to the right spot and so we went with map and all. Went into the water about in the middle of the north side of the reef and hit one cave, after that there a few small holes and the rest was just wall dive. When going in there was a about 1kt of inflowing current so we drifted along until we came to the West point of the reef where the current was not felt. Saw nothing much in between the cave and the end. Once we started ascending we spotted a small manta ray and a Napoleon wrasse.

BA chart 3323, inset

Dubey in cave

Titan triggerfish

Maldives & Clark's anemonefish

Orangefin emperor

Longnose butterflyfish

Regal angelfish

Black-saddle coralgrouper

Small Manta ray

Napoleon Wrasse with Jackfish

Napoleon Wrasse

Napoleon Wrasse

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