Sunday, 11 March 2012

Diving Furana South

My diving days are soon over for awhile as I'm due to return back to Indian Empress in a few days. This morning decided to revisit the Furana south site and we started well inside the Kudakalhi Channel as the current was slightly outflowing. Earlier diveboats had tied a white canister to the reef as a marker so we tied up there and geared up. Down we went just South of the Full Moon Maldives resorts lagoon and started heading East.

BA chart 3323

After awhile at 15m depth we came to a huge cave that had a swimthrough. I went inside to have a look and there were huge groupers hunkering inside. Of course my flash decided to give up the contract when I was needing it the most and after some fiddling I got it to flash again. The sound inside the cave was awesome, one could hear the reverberating noise of waves crashing onto the atoll.

Madagascar butterflyfish

Cave dwelling grouper

Cave dwelling grouper, see the friend behind

After a few shots I swam out to the other side of the swimthrough. There were more groupers and a shy Stingray that went straight for the bottom once he saw us coming. I also got a few shots of a 2m Giant Moray that was wrapped around the rocks in front of the cave.

Divebuddy Dubey

White spotted grouper

Yellowfin surgeonfish (top) & Harlequin sweetlips (bottom)

Further down the Channel we came into another overhang/ cave kind of thing and I got some more shots of big fish cowering inside the darkness. After this it was pretty much a vertical wall dive with coral becoming more scarce due to us approaching the edge of the atoll and the Ocean. Now we were down to our last 50bars and we did our ascent, we had reached the corner of Furana South.

Blue-faced angelfish

Blue-faced angelfish

Feather stars on a Fan coral

Kashmir snapper

Black-spotted puffer

Imperial angelfish and Banded shrimp om right

Regal angelfish



Raccoon butterflyfish

Maldive anemonefish

Giant moray

Midnight snapper

White-spotted grouper

Redmouth grouper (below) and Vanikoro sweeper (right), Whitetip soldierfish (top left)

Klein's butterflyfish and Threespot angelfish

Threespot angelfish


Titan triggerfish

Bicolour cleaner wrasse

Gold striped emperor

Big eye bream (top) & Philippine damselfish (bottom)

Giant moray

Slender grouper

Divided wrasse

Brown-blotched sandperch

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