Friday, 28 January 2011

Blue Frog and Indus Creed

One morning Nik and I was perusing the Times of India entertainment section and he discovered an ad for Indus Creed performing at Blue Frog. He got all excited and claimed they were the best rock band in India and so we decided to go see them.

Mumbai by night

Came Friday and me, Nik and Anil headed out to paint the town blue or whatever color. At first we went to Gokul’s for some feed and a few drinks and then we caught a taxi to Blue Frog, of course we got a quart of and some sada paan to keep us content for the ride.

Blue Frog is situated in the cotton mill area of Mumbai that saw big upheavals in the 90’s as lot of people lost their jobs and property speculators bought up factory plots to redevelop them into high end night clubs et al.
Blue frog turned out to be a small club with round booths to seat 8-10 persons. Nice design but nobody took into account that if one person in the other end of the circle had a nature call, all other people had to get up to let him pass, there was no space to get up and go behind the seats.

We studied the menu and could not even find Kingfisher on it, and considered Budweiser an insult to our tastebuds, so we settled for Old Monk, the only Indian product on the menu. We ordered in some Indian appetizers for exorbitant prices and got some odd continental Indian fusion of stuff, nevermind, we ate it with gusto and washed it down with Old Monk.

The warm up duo

Then a couple appeared to perform some jazzy number, the guy was playing the guitar and the beauty was singing. Once they were done the audience had not warmed much up at all in my opinion but our spirit was soaring high in anticipation of Indus Creed.

Soon enough they appeared and opened up with a nice rock ensemble. As it was we stood next to the mixing table and could see the whole playlist. The staff told us not to use the flash so I recorded the songs Nik wanted. At one stage they brought in a troupe of violinist and performed a really nice song called the “Fly”.

The "bad: Trio

At some stage I ran out of batteries and the night descended into a foggy memory due to the Old Monk and next thing I knew we were on our way to Gateway and realized we had missed the last tender. Luckily enough we saw at Gateway the tender of m/y Ashena and asked the boys to do us a favor and bring us onboard, they were happy enough to oblige as our ship was on the way to theirs..

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