Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mathur Aqueduct

Next in the program was to visit the Mathur Aqueduct that is the longest and highest aqueduct in South Asia. Not that I think there are so many of them anywhere nowadays...

Richard and the aqueduct

Well, the driver left us down below and we started ascending the steps up to the aqueduct. Just before the top there were some local shops, one of them was selling honey and Richard being a great fan of honey got himself a bottle. A few more steps and we reached the top and so it was flat onwards.

The view

The view was spectacular if not mindblasting to look over the Pahrali river that was lined by rubber and coconut trees and the western ghats in the horizon. We met a few people and at the end there was a lady asking me money for using the camera on the bridge. I was kicking myself for not taking more pictures.

Me & Jira

The driver had taken another road and met us at the other end and so we piled in and headed towards our next stop.

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