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Captain's Blog December 2009

As December has gone and we have ushered in the New Year of 2010 I would like to take the opportunity and wish all readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I hope your year will be full of positive development and happenings.

First sunset of the Year

For us December was quite hectic as we sacrificed even sundays for work, getting Kalizma ready for the Boss and guests.

The bridge teak renewal was ongoing. The teak has been removed and the filler has been applied (after all holes were plugged). The bare aluminium had quite severe pitting at places but luckily no holes from pitting. However, we found some holes that had not been plugged and 2 seams that were not welded, which eventually were our biggest headaches during rainy weather.

I interviewed Olaf Zajewski as Chef for the guests. Eventually I ended up employing him. Olaf is a charming German gentleman from Berlin that has made Thailand his home more or less for the past 10 years. He is very talented and the goodies that he churned out from the galley made my mouth just water. Furthermore he came along very well with Richard and they worked as an excellent team in our small galley.

Olaf's shopping, 100% full car

Other service was also done: jetskis, tenders. Jyothi had to replenish her stores and we spent one day burning money, the car was so full that I could not have fitted another parcel in it. I had to arrange for wines, some of it ordered from Bangkok as it was not available in Phuket. Olaf did his shopping too, again the car was filled up 100%, including the shotgun seat. I had to rent an extra cooler chest to store all the items. Saini got an inflatable kayak for the guest enjoyment. Brass had to be polished. Finally flowers had to be arranged and exterior washed down.

On 16th I made some time to meet up with my friend Frank from Australia who was holidaying in Phuket. We worked earlier together on project Silver in 2007 at the Hanseatic shipyard in Fremantle.

Me and Frank Telo

Owner called on 22nd and announced his arrival. On 23rd I moved in front of Amanpuri and was ready to receive. Then from the 25th we are cruising, anchorage in fron of Amanpuri, Phanga Bay to Ko Phanak, Ko Rang Yai, Ko Yao Yai, Patong Beach, New Year in front of Amanpuri, Phi Phi Island, Ko Racha Yai and finally Amanpuri.

New Year in front of Amanpuri

New Year we were anchored in front of Amanpuri and the resorts put on a great fire work display. One resort had a huge disco (The Chedi?) and lights illuminating the palmtrees on the slopes that gave a cool effect. Anyway, the noise was deafening even onboard.

Olaf taking a lunch break, while guests ashore

The visit to Ko Racha Yai was interesting as we anchored in front of "The Racha" resort, it has a small bay, almost a fiord. The anchorage is not easy as the Bay is narrow and rather steep. I had to heave up anchor after 1st attempt as I was swinging too close for comfort to another anchored diveboat. Second time true I managed to ease myself in and find us a spot. It was my luck that I was out in the early morning because a couple of hours later I was "cocooned" by dozens of other diveboats and sailboats that had decided to visit Ko Racha for a day trip. The boats vanished with the sunshine and abt 3.30pm my "cocoon" was gone. The waters at Ko Racha are crystal clear, I could see down 15m to the bottom of the seabed.

3rd of January we were safely back in Yacht Haven and when we were safely tied up I let the crew get a rest...

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