Saturday, 10 January 2009

Letter of protest - waterbarge

When completed loading FW, we cast off the barge (M/v Vijay) that was alongside our port side. Due to us having a boat anchored astern of us she started to go forward but as the tug was on the barges port side she could not maneuver that well.

When going forward the tug Captain misjudged the onset of the current and started drifting towards our shipside. Our crew tried to alert the crew on the tug and barge as well as took out fenders. The result was that the barge drifted on us and bumped on our port quarter, after this the barge Captain decided to increase speed and cut over our bow.

As his vision was obscured by the waterbarge superstrucrure he failed to notice our bowsprit. Again crew tried to alert the barge crew but to no effect. The barge caught our bowsprit in its superstructure bending it severely to sb. The barge continued forward ripping its superstructure (sun roof - stanchions and corrugated metal sheets) on our bowsprit.

Finally the sunroof gave away and a corrugated metal sheet was left hanging on our bowsprit. After investigating the bowsprit for damages we can only visually see the tip of the wood damaged. All fittings are seemingly intact from collision.

I hold the barge responsible for his actions as the Captain failed to take into account the strong current, the shape of the vessel on his sb side as well as employing poor seamanship by having too small error margins that led to this incident. After all there was ample space to maneuver on our port bow.

Whole incident was witnessed by undersigned and is entered in vessels Official logbook.

Jari Lindgren
Master m/y Kalizma

As a footnote I would not be surprised if they came up with a bill of their broken sunroof.

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