Thursday, 1 March 2012

Protest day on Male'

As it was Thursday I wanted to go and buy some essentials before the Muslim day off on Friday and I took the ferry over to Male'. Little did I know they had protests against the government going on the same afternoon. Lot of people were out and about and the powers that be had cordoned off the "sensitive" areas of the Capital with road blocks and Police was equipped with riot shields and protective gear.

Maldivian "gas carrier" at Hulhumale'

Protesters and Riot Police

Well, I did not let a few people deter me from doing my business so I set to walk around the demonstrators and Police in order to get to the shop I wanted to go to. At the local University was even more people and a female voice coming out of speakers that sounded very angry and I guess was shouting out demands for what their party were protesting against.

Protest at the University

The Prez was not having an open door day

After a while I think she ran out of demands or points and she reverted to the slogan that sounded something like "Male'allavaduhii", I have no idea of the meaning. People everywhere were taking things pretty calmly and just standing around watching things develop. After some time I could see people went away and the Police stood down and started dismantling road blocks, I guess the protest was over. Shops opened and I was able to do my stuff. Once finished I walked back towards the boat jetty and while I was passing the post office close by I could still hear the female shouting at the University, I guess her protest day was not yet over...

Traditional dhoni at Hulhumale'

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