Thursday, 14 July 2011

Job offer on m/y Serene

I had been a few days ago offered a job on m/y Serene (134m) through Russel Stockil from YCO and had been having some careful consultation and deliberation. The position offered was as Chief Officer cum Relief Captain with the Captain having no rotation.

m/y Serene at Capri

Salary was more or less the same, the yacht was new and bigger but probably had all the teething problems to deal with. I also learned from an acquaintance that the deck crew was insufficient with all the tenders that had been installed onboard, at least if they all would be in water and used. I was told that the previous C/O had left due to that the contract had been changed twice during the build period. 

m/y Serene at Capri

So, realizing that the Russian Owner was unknown to me and I had no knowledge of the intended operation compared to my current employment. Also the no rotational position was a good recipe for burning out people.

At least on IE I was known and I also knew the people in the Organisation the decision finally became obvious. I decided to decline the offer as it was not furthering my career in any way, not in position, not in leave nor in salary. I wrote to the skipper, Captain Elliot Bibby and politely explained my position that I was in.

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