Friday, 3 June 2011

Monaco - Cannes

I arrived Nice airport a bit after midnight on 30th May, it was about 4 years since I was in Mediterranean the last time. Nothing had seemingly changed, nobody was out to meet me so I took a taxi and gave instructions to drive to Monaco. The views would have been breathtaking had it been daylight when I was passing the mountains but in the middle of the night I just saw navigation lights at sea and streetlights on land.


We arrived Monaco at about 2am and spent well over 30minutes finding Indian Empress but finally I recognized her "dwarfed" between other mega yachts on the "T" jetty. The F1 party is winding up everywhere, cleaning crews abound everywhere. I clamber onboard and meet Capt Bruno, then I find Chef Anil slaving away in the galley. I get some late dinner and swap the latest news and walk back aft to get some rest.

Greek yacht at the South jetty

I get up later at noon to start taking over my duties, I have only a written note to go on as Tsetso had already left the ship. In the evening we are ordered by the marina to proceed to anchorage as they need the space to move away the "Red Bull" pontoon. Anchor watches resume.

Miserable rain over Monaco

On 31st we get permission to berth at the South Jetty. We take pilot and moor alongside Atlantis II (Niarchos). We let go the starboard anchor and fasten bottom line on starboard side. Four lines are made fast astern.

M/v Independendence of the Seas

We stay the 1st alongside as windy weather persist over the French riviera.

m/y Zippo

Captain Zippo

On the 2nd we depart Monaco early morning, the wind has dissipated but it is still raining. The weather is miserable for yachting. We anchor a few hours later in front of Cannes, just North of Ile St. Marguerite. I spot the cruise ship Independence of the Seas anchored in the bay a bit further away or rather "Monster of the Seas" as she is so large. 

Ile St. Marguerite

Ile St. Marguerite by night

I also meet the famous "Captain Zippo" Mr. Ashok Prabhakaran who has been working for us several years.

Shiju & Jyoti

3rd of June I meet with Jyoti that is now working as a villa housekeeper on Ile St. Marguerite. She is now happily married and seems to enjoy her time in France. I doubt she misses Kalizma.

Classic yachts in front of Antibes 

Classic yachts in front of Antibes

m/y Lamu

m/y Alfa Nero

Yachts sitting in Cannes marina

Classic yachts in front of Antibes

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