Monday, 6 June 2011

Cannes - Valencia

On the 4th June morning we heave up anchor and depart Cannes for Valencia. Weather is fine for a change and it is nice to get to the open seas for a change from ports and marinas, albeit a short time.

Islas Columbretes

5th June in the morning we pass the Islas Columbretes in the distance. Me as a keen diver can't resist the thought of thinking how the diving is there. It is indicated on the chart that the area is designated a nature reserve with no anchoring allowed. Sounds promising. 

Canal to Americas Cup basin

In the afternoon we arrive Valencia, take pilot and proceed alongside. There is a tricky "S" bend just straight after the wavebreaker but we manage well. After that it is to go along a narrow canal to the "Americas cup" basin where we make alongside on the South side.

Americas Cup Basin

After that agents starts boarding, local officials etc. The usual circus and another voyage is completed. I start planning maintenance jobs for the boys for the next event, the F1 in a few weeks time.

The commercial port is just next to Americas Cup

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