Thursday, 14 October 2010

Diving Angria Bank

We had arrived Angria Bank, it is an area 20' long by 5' wide in a NW-SE direction rising up from the seafloor some 400m depths to 23m. As we were not familiar with the currents and the pilot book did not give much information we decided to dive in the middle of the bank so as not be swept off by some odd ocean currents.

Angria Bank

We jumped off the stern and down we went. The water was a bit fuzzy to start with but it was clearing up when we got deeper and abt 5m from the bottom it got very cold, at least it felt so but in reality it just went down 2-3 degrees. Current was there but it was very weak, almost non-existing.

Star fish

The bottom proved a big disappointment, it was only dead corals covered by white coral sand spotted by some sea weeds growing in tufts here and there. The only living thing plentiful was some starfish that littered the bottom and for fish I spotted only a blue variant that was abt 1-2 inch long, no sharks no nothing swimming around. Corals that were living was also really scarce, only a few heads littered here and there.

Starfish and coral head

We swam around for awhile and as the scenery did not change nor was there any life to see we decided to surface eventhough we had not depleted our air tanks. Up we went and clambered onboard and continued our voyage for Goa.

The blue dots are the fish

In hindsight I think that if I get another chance at Angria I will try a dive at the edge of the bank to see if the flora and fauna is any different there. According to the chart there is also a wreck on the bank, maybe a spot to consider. Until then...

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