Monday, 31 May 2010

In Helsinki

Next morning I woke up to the noise from Olga and dishes being put out on the table. I met Minna and was offered some breakfast while chatting about this and that. After breakfast we went out for a walk to see the surroundings, the house is in an secluded area with a lot of forest and greenery around. Olga had just learned to pedal her bicycle without supports so she shot off like a rocket ahead of us while we walked and I admired the spring flowers emerging after the long winter. Although it according to the calendar it should have been full summer it was still quite chilly with something of 16 degrees in the air. The beginning of the summer can always be a bit iffy.

Next morning in front of the house
After visiting 2 lakes nearby and having walked back tot the house it was time for lunch. I called my brother in Helsinki and confirmed to him that I was soon coming there, then Minna gave me a lift to the Espoo local railway station and I thanked her for the food & lodging and off I went towards Helsinki.

Olga at Harajärvi lake

 Once I arrived Töölö station I got off and sat down to wait for my brother Niklas. Soon enough he came and we continued our journey towards Kallio in the local tram. In Kallio we had to lug my bags 3 floors up and we had arrived my brothers bachelor box. A one room apartment with a kitchenette. As it was only tomorrow I needed to do official business at the Indian embassy we started the afternoon with Finnish beer, Sandels, ahhhhh. I also met Niklas girl friend, Elina. 

Minna & Olga

As it happened we discovered it was dinner time and soon it was time for smoked Gös fish, new potatoes (from Sweden) and Danish Aquavit shots. The evening continued with making the world a better place accompanied with Sandels beer, Dalmore 12yrs and our on the spot devised shot: 50/50 Swedish punsch and Dutch jenever (in the absence of the requisite, Finnish Jaloviina). 

Taru & Elina

To my surprise Niklas had arranged my old childhood friend Taru to join the festivities and evening went on. About midnight Niklas decided that the world had been cured of it's ills and it was time to hit the sack. Taru & Elina withdrew to their homes and I was given the Masters bed. I can't deny that I slept well.


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