Monday, 29 March 2010

Visiting Phraya Rasda's house

As some friends were going to do a photo shoot in Kantang I was asked to tag along to see the local spot. Little did I know that I was going to see a piece of history. After some driving we came to a seemingly dilapidated house in a huge estate.

Phraya Rasda's house

I stepped out of the car and outside on the road were many parked tour buses and people were milling about. I walked up the drive way to the old house and saw an old man sitting in a chair inside and people were kow-towing to him. After a few minutes I realized it was a wax figure.

Phraya Rasda in his bedroom

The house and garden itself was quite unkempt and I asked what house is this and reply was Phraya Rasda's house. I learned that he was the Governor of Trang in 1893 and the man who imported the first rubber tree to Thailand.

Phraya Rasda in his prime

Phray Rasda's is also known as Khaw Sim Bee na RanongOriginally Phraya Rasda hailed from Penang, Malaysia where his family had emigrated from Zhangzhou, China. Eventually, upon his death, Phraya Rasda was buried back in Penang.

Unkempt Bonsai tree

The house walls were littered with pictures from his time and little else was to be seen except a few old pieces of furniture and knick-knacks. The upper floors had spacious terraces with beautiful view over the garden.

Water filtration plant English colonial era

View from terrace to garden

The house was still owned by the kin of Phraya Rasda and I understood there has been talks to preserve the house to it's former glory and establish a museum. Currently there was no entry fee and no guides, only a maid instructing all visitors to leave their shoes outside.

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