Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Diving Ko Ha Yai

As I had learned that Ko Ha Yai had some marvelous underwater caves to discover I stopped enroute to Langkawi and did 2 dives at the group to experience these sights so much touted.


The best dive is supposed to be on the Northernmost Island at the NW corner where there is a vertical funnel of 5-6m, so we decided that we'll do the goodies first. We, that is me, Saini and Dubey, dove down abt S of the Islet where there was a dive buoy. I was trying out my new dive housing for some underwater photography. Down below we found huge boulders with nice corals and sea anemones littering the view. Deep crevasses and overhangs gave the area a nice look. From there we scoured the bottom towards west between 10-20m and after awhile we found the funnel. I was there first and when I peeked in the funnel there was a huge, maybe around 20kg, grouper hiding there. He was probably as surprised to see me as I was to see him as he slunk away fast as lightning in one of the side tunnels in the funnel. So much for asking us in for a brew. Anyway, I gathered the funnel is big enough to let me through and so I went in. The ascent went for abt 5-6m and I reached the upper mouth of the funnel and I discovered I could not get through the hole. My tank was jamming me. The space could have probably allowed me to turn back but was a bit cramped so I just took off my dive gear, shoved it through the hole and went myself after. At this time my air was down to surfacing levels so that was it. I went up with Dubey that also had his air finished. Saini followed us shortly.

Sea Anemone

Next dive was a shallow dive where we were going to explore the caves on the southernmost Island and were commonly referred to as the "Cathedral". We went to the southernmost Island which by the way sported a very teeny tiny bay that wouldbe perfect for smaller boats staying the night. We tied up again at a dive buoy S of the Island and down we went, this time also followed by Kalpu as this was not going to be a deep dive. The Cathedral was not that impressive but we saw plenty of fish and experienced the wave surge. All in all a fun dive. By the time we surfaced the sun was setting so it was time to get back onboard and continue our voyage.

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