Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year

So it was 31/12, the last day of the year. The day started as any other day here in Mumbai. It is sunny here now in winter time and reasonably cool. Not cold though.

Morning went meeting Avnish, Ashish and Cmde Mongia at Colaba workshop inspecting a roll of carpet that we "found" to replace the dining and saloon area as well as the Owner's suite. Our old 100% wool carpets onboard has started molding and deteriorate from accumulated moisture and a few leaks we have had during the rainy season. Luckily there was this other roll that has been lying around for some time and we get good use of it and so we'll change also a few other areas from the good pieces that are left from the saloon and dining area. After having closed this meeting it was hurry back onboard together with Avnish for lunch.

In the afternoon we received onboard our RINA surveyor Mr. Chanchal and Naval Architect Mr. Mishra. We were meeting in order to conclude the pending issue of commercial class upgrade for Kalizma. Hot topics we're tonnage certificate, load line assignment, structural fire protection plan and stability booklet with inclining report. We concluded the meeting in high spirits. Then it was already 5pm and I had a refreshing can of Kingfisher with Avnish and Vivek.

Avnish left for his family and New Year celebrations and me and Vivek decided to paint the town red on our part. At 8pm we headed out for Colaba district and walked along the streets behind the Taj. We had a delicious dinner in the "Bagdadi" restaurant (opposite Gokul bar) and having satisfied our hunger we went to Leopold's and sat down with a pitcher of Kingfisher. It was still early and people started to drop in bit by bit.

Me & Vivek just after New Year...

Closer to midnight the place got quite packed and we finished another pitcher of Kingfisher to the countdown of the passing year 2008 and we ushered in new year 2009. After the countdown people started to disappear and so did we and we headed back to Victoria Docks with a detour to the Marina Drive to see the action at "Queen's Necklace". A lot of people and cars were around but hardly any fire works were seen, anyway we were a bit late for that. We arrived back onboard in one piece and went to sleep.

So, another year has passed by, so quickly, and what have I accomplished? Not much, 11mths has been spent onboard yachts and the rest is history...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody who reads this :)


Atul G. said...

Happy New Year to you as well captain.. Take care mate..

Atul G.

AmerJus said...

Thank you and Happy New Year to you as well. May the new year bring prosperity and continued good health!