Friday, 12 December 2008

Tips for yacht visiting Singapore

Here are some services I found good and reliable when I have been visiting Singapore:


Wei Hsing Food (S) Pte Ltd (best at big orders in advance), not the cheapest on the market but supplies good stuff:

Mr. Allan Chiang or Willie

Tel: +65 62705818

Fax: +65 62705679



I have used both APS services and ISYS and found ISYS giving a better service.

International Superyacht services, Ms. Angie Ng

Tel: +65 96739460


Angie got the backing of the whole Chinese community and loads of contacts to suppliers, drydocks etc. She also helped me out in tricky visa issues for Malaysia and Thailand.

Furthermore, there are a multitude of agents in SIngapore but only 2 catering to yachts, the rest are for commercial vessels and the fees are accordingly.


Big Red Environmental Pte Ltd

Mr. Alven Low

Tel: +65 92209220

Tel: +65 62419443

Fax: +65 62429042


Superb service, carpets are assessed first by their professionals and the action taken accordingly.


Spinelli Coffee Company- they overhauled our Jura Impresa machine.

Mr. Ross Bright

Tel: +65 97894780

Tel: +65 63394849

Fax: +65 63397539




Approved by RINA to carry out non-destructive hull surveys (ultrasound). The oldest Company of its kind in Singapore.

Mr. Chong Kah Fook

Tel: +65 67754011



Apart from the touristic night safaris etc that can be found in all guide books I mention a few bars & restaurants that I find worth visiting.

Esmirada: on Orchard Rd near Orchard Towers, serves a wide Mediterranean cuisine. Good food & nice ambience.

Muddy Murphy's: Irish Bar just around the corner of Esmirada, get your Kilkenny's here.

Orchard Towers: The "must see" for Singapore first timers ;)

The Golden Mile Mall: The place to get decent Thai food.

The Peoples Park: The place to get cheap and absolutely delicious pepper crab.

Clarke Key: Loads of high end bars & restaurants, take your pick. For the big boys there are Hooter's ;)

Riverside Key: Excellent wine bar at the beginning of it, sorry I forgot the name of it.


Funan Mall : Laptops & computers

Sim Lim square: Digital cameras and gadgets

Sim Lim Tower: Electronic & electrical components, it is like a MEGA radio shack.



At the W end of S'pore Island, very far to the center. Deep draught.

Map of Singapore marinas


Good location but those who knows best says that there is a lot swell from passing ferries disturbing the boats.


The most expensive and best marina in Singapore so far. Located inside Cruise Bay, very near main roads and close to center of city.

1deg15' marina:

New marina currently promoted with cheap rates, entry in marina can be done only at slack water due to very strong cross currents, I suppose with a smaller yacht one could hazard an entry but it is really narrow. Once you are in the basin you need to crash stop and berth stern to on your port side. Bow lines are attached to buoys that are a nuisance when you are backing in. I got one of them stuck in my stabilizer fin and had to go fwd to release it. To go to city you need to pass the Cuaseway bridge off the Sentosa Island which can be pretty congested during rush hours. The bars and restaurants at the marina don't accept cash, all billing is done to ships account. This creates a problem if crew wants to enjoy a drink or two...

My research on marinas for the Singapore rally in September:

Distances by road from marinas to center of city:

Keppel: 7 km, very quick access to hwy

RSYC: 14 km, very quick access to hwy

1°15’: 10 km, first 4km on trunk roads and through causeway bridge (bottleneck).


Keppel: SGD 625/ day

RSYC: SGD 490/ day

1°15’: SGD 420/ day

Raffles: SGD 552/ day

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