Wednesday, 22 September 1999

Work experience

07.04.1999 - 22.09.1999
M/v Columbus Caravelle

LOA: 117m, GT 7560, Passengers: ~200

M/v Columbus Caravelle in Port Klang

After Oihonna I was in touch with Captain Reijo Granqvist and he asked me to join back on Columbus Caravelle (CC) as Chief Officer and as the boat was now under new Ownership, I agreed. There was nothing keeping me at home as my marriage was on the rocks, I was divorcing Tiina-Maria.

The charter of CC had expired and there was a clause that after expiry the charterer have to buy the ship or forfeit the guarantee deposit of 2mil USD. As the Casino biz was booming they bought the ship as a natural evolution of things. So, now CC was under Ownership of Conning Shipping and a proper shore Organisation was setup as per ISM standards. It was very nice to work together with Technical Manager/ DPA Mr. P.K.Yeung.

CC was still sailing out of Hong Kong on casino cruises so not much had changed, only the new development was that on sundays we were doing a day cruise. We left around noon and was back around 10pm and after this the crew could relax until monday evening.
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