Wednesday, 18 January 1995


12.12.1994 - 18.01.1995
M/s Winden

After the last contract with Atlanta Forest I went back to school to do my Captain's ticket and to make ends meet I took a job for Christmas holidays on m/s Winden as 1st Officer. 

She is a 105m long general cargo ship built in Germany at the renowned Sietas yard. Winden has boxed in holds to fit 20 foot containers and can load 4402 DWT. She also has special tween decks that can be put in place with the hatches but when I was there they were stored ashore. 

The ship is built in the time when other shipping Companies had bad times and the business for small coasters were booming and if I recall correctly Engship also managed to secure some cheap loans from the Finnish Government in order to build this series of ships. 

I can't recall where we sailed with her but we took containers up and down between Finland and Central  Europe, the weather was horrible with wind, snow, rain and sleet. Sailing the Baltic and North Sea is never pleasant in winter time. Pretty hectic in port as we were shifting back and forth in Hamburg area discharging one container here and another there. Lot of sleep deprivation was gained.
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